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Enjoy Türkiye with POINTCY

What does a traveler want in a country he/she is visiting for the first time and is not familiar with? We answered the question with our decades of experience.
To establish a unique platform that will make life easier for travelers and create added value. This platform is a "coalition program" in which hundreds of brands from many sectors participate.
The Pointcy platform will offer 3 main services over a single infrastructure:

3 in 1;
Free Wi-fi, Discounts/Advantages and Touristic Information. 

It's easy and free...

Download the app, learn more.


Download  the Pointcy App

  • Register.

  • Explore the world of Pointcy opportunities.

Get Started with Pointcy

  • Connect to Free Wi-Fi, reduce communication costs.

  • Enjoy Food&Beverage, Shopping and Entertainment.

  • Access tourist information.

Participate in the Lottery Campaign, Win!

  • Social media posts.

  • Shopping.

  • Follow Pointcy.

  • Survey participation.

Whereever you go, you will desire to return to Istanbul.

To win the big lottery campaign which includes a trip to Istanbul, participate in the Pointcy lottery campaign and increase your chances.

Join, Share, Win!

What does Pointcy offer?


Free Wi-fi will be one of our most pleasant surprises to reduce your communication expenses. Thanks to Pointcy Free Wi-fi at more than 9,000 hotspots, you will make free phone calls and internet connection and reduce your travel costs. You can use your own number without having to buy a temporary GSM line and stay in touch with your friends.


Pointcy will also offer special discounts and advantages for your purchases during your visit in its contracted brands. Discounts up to 30% at thousands of points, from food and beverage to jewelry shopping, from clothing to souvenir shopping, are available in the Pointcy app. Pointcy monitors the services of contracted brands and ensures safe shopping.

You will be able to access touristic information with Pointcy App when you visit touristic spots in Istanbul, whose civilization dates back 8,000 years. You will be able to easily access information about museums, ruins, squares and objects. Pointcy will be your virtual guide who will recommend you the must-visit points to increase your travel experience. You will be able to purchase the mobile Museum Pass from the Pointcy application, which you will use at the entrance of the museums, without waiting in line, with economical prices and advantages. You will be able to win many prizes with games and competitions that will make your travel experience fun.​

How do I join?


Very simple!

Download the POINTCY mobile app on your smart phone operating system iOS or Android activate the app and you will be earning in no time.

That’s it.

What will I do during shopping?

When shopping from contracted brands, tell the sales point officials that you are a Pointcy member. When paying at the end of the shopping, view the QR code or discount code of the contracted brand in the Pointcy application and share it with the cashier, immediately use the discount and advantage…

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