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Lovely friends...

The City of Cats İstanbul

It is said that internet technology was invented for posting cat videos and photos! When we look closely at the cats in Istanbul, we can say that this claim is not wrong at all! Hundreds of thousands of cats live on the streets of Istanbul. The relationship between the cats and the city, which lives so closely with the people of Istanbul, goes back thousands of years. The fact that Istanbul has been a port for commercial ships throughout its known history has ensured the diversity of the cat population and breed. Among the cats living on the ships to fight rodents on commercial ships, those who ended their journey with love in Istanbul are the ancestors of today's cats.

You will come across a cat sleeping, sunbathing, or feeding on every corner in Istanbul, and you will be able to observe the close bond of friendship between Istanbulites and cats. Cats are an essential part of social life. You will see cats wandering the edge of a roof, relaxing in the doorway of a shop, waiting for their part of food among the tables in a restaurant. The bond established by Istanbulites belonging to different socio-economic classes with cats is friendship. In fact, don't be surprised when locals call them by the names, they give them! Cat-loving Istanbulites buy cat houses to keep their friends warm on cold winter nights. Food bowls and water bowls on the streets are an essential part of every street. On the other hand, some city residents take cats to their homes and shops on harsh winter nights. Cats can roam freely in the city and no one disturbs them. Istanbul is a very safe harbor for cats, which are extremely fond of their freedom, and for Istanbul, it is one of the most beautiful elements of the city's landscape.


There is one cat out of hundreds of thousands of cats, which is an Instagram phenomenon. Hagia Sophia's cat Gli. Gli, the cross-eyed cat who was born (2006) in Hagia Sophia like his grandmother and mother, wins the sympathy of the visitors of Hagia Sophia! Next to Gli, Sırnaşık, Karakız, Nazlı, Zilli, Pati and Kızım, which are also from Hagia Sophia, also host visitors. Gli is a bit spoiled and doesn't like dry food, he goes after the rats in the museum in the evenings when no one is around. Gli reinforced his international reputation with the photographs he took during US President Barack Obama's 2009 visit to Hagia Sophia. Thanks to the attention of the Hagia Sophia staff, a few visitors’ attempt to smuggle Gli in their bags were prevented several times. Gli passed away in 2020. Gli's friends are registered in Hagia Sophia's inventory and are given special attention...


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